Monday, July 30, 2012

AuPd Coating Procedure Part 4: Coating and Venting

In the previous three parts of this post, the various parts of the sputter deposition recipe were configured one by one. First, the sample-target distance was set. Then the sputter chamber was pumped out to its based pressure and back filled with a target partial pressure of Ar. Then given a deposition calibration and a target film thickness a plasma current and deposition time were configured and set.

During this period the target shutter was closed to prevent any material from being deposited on the sample.  Now the shutter must be opened. The top of the sputter attachment is shown. The knob is on the red or CLOSED configuration. Turning it to the green is the OPEN configuration.

Now with the shutter open, the high tension START button "O" is pushed-- see Coater Parts to find this button-- and the film is deposited. It is good practice to check the Ar base pressure and plasma current just before beginning the deposition. Adjust the plasma current during the deposition to maintain the target plasma current and thus the target film thickness.

When the timer times out then the plasma current will natural go to 0 mA. Shut off the gas, gauging, turbo pump and mains power.  Turning off he mains power vents the sputter chamber so that the samples can be removed. 

In summary:
  • Open shutter.
  • Press START to begin sputtering.
  • Wait until timer finishes.
  • Close needle valve and Ar bottle.
  • Turn off gauging.
  • Turn off turbo pump and make sure it's not on half speed setting.
  • Turn off mains power to vent.

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  1. Thanks for the guide!
    To measure coating thickness, you could always use Elcometer 500