Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Image Arifacts from Graphite Coating?

This image shows a freshly cleaved surface of V4 mica flash coated with graphite. Distance of ~ 45 mm between the sample and carbon thread was used, which should theoretically produce a coating thickness of ~ 10-15 nm for a single-stand of carbon thread. Flashing coating of carbon is intrinsically timed by the breading of the carbon thread, so no deposition time can be provided. The image is in SEI mode and shows nothing but cleaving terraces and some traces of adhesive from the tape used to cleave the surface. The brightness of the terrace is an edge effect since secondary electrons can be collected from the edge surfaces as well as the top surface. The image is featureless except for the terraces as there's simply nothing to see-- no artifacts from coating!

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